British forces are well known to be one of the best forces in the world. This is mainly due to our ongoing operational experience ranging from Northern Ireland to more recently out in Iraq.

Although we are a relatively small force compared to some of our larger allies the USA and some European countries we are still heavily committed and stationed around the world in places like the Falklands, Germany, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Iraq with various other smaller units in more remote area’s each with their own serviced offices or camps

The training we go through is of the highest standard and even the most basic positions still undergo a 12 week intensive basic training course before going onto phase 2 where they carry out their specialised training.

For the forces to be able to run smoothly as one unit every possible service that might be required is catered for. To give you more of an indication of the various trades we have listed some examples for all 4 services:

Army / Marines:

Cook, Driver, Clerk, Radio Operator, Technician’s, Electricians, Bricklayers, Demolitions, Mine Clearance, Medic, Soldier and many more


Radar / Sonar operators & technician’s, Divers, Cooks, Munitions experts, Mechanics, Fire fighters and many more

Royal Air Force:

Pilot, loaders, aircraft technicians, traffic controllers, linguists, logistic managers, stores accountants, ops managers, intelligence officers, police and many more.

When we decide to leave the forces depending on how long we have served we have to give 12 months ‘signing off’ notice. If we have served over 5 years we are entitled to a resettlement grant to help re-train giving us an opportunity to learn a new skill preparing us for ‘civvy street’

There are many organisations out helping the ex forces community now such as the RFEA and the CTP giving service leavers the best chance after the forces to find work. There are various other organisations to help ex Army, ex Navy, ex ex Marines and ex Royal Air Force and these can be found on our links directory.

We have also placed many ex Royal Air force into electrical jobs as this is a common skill for them to leave with.

Proud to be honouring the commitment of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant and supporting the Armed Forces Community




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